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10 Reasons you need a virtual tour for your co-working space

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When you own or work for a co-working space, marketing can sometimes feel like an immense task and with so much competition, finding a way to stand out from the crowd can be tough. Having a portfolio of professional photos is of course key when it comes to the digital marketing of any space. However, potential customers can't explore two-dimensional photos, or get a real sense of the scale of a space.

A 3D virtual tour on the other hand, provides the opportunity for a potential customer to virtually explore and navigate the space from the comfort of their homes, at any time. In this article, we will discuss 10 reasons you need a 3D virtual tour for your co-working space, and how you can use the tool to give you an edge over your competitors and increase your leads.

1. Increase direct bookings

As virtual tours provide such an immersive viewing experience, this is often enough for potential customers to make their decision about whether they want to book the space or not – without even having to view it in real. The more information you offer prospects about your co-working space, the more likely they will sign up. Elements such as information tags and the ability to freely explore really give the viewer a feel for the co-working space and what it offers.

Man writing on paper
Increase direct bookings of your co-working space

2. Increase engagement with potential customers

Having a 3D virtual tour embedded on a website has proven to triple the amount of time a user spends on that page. The longer they spend, the more likely they are to enquire about the space and to book an in-person viewing. Increased engagement with the website optimizes your digital footprint and boosts your search engine rankings, allowing you to reach even more potential customers.

3. Excellent content for marketing campaigns

Producing digital content that generates high levels of engagement is one of the best ways that a business can connect with it’s customers, A virtual tour provides fantastic content for social media and marketing. As part of each project, we provide a teaser video snippet of your virtual tour. These are perfect for posting on your social media channels to drive traffic to your website, where the fully immersive experience of your virtual tour then can be enjoyed.

4. Support physical visits

Virtual tours support physical visits, both before and after. A virtual tour helps potential customers decide on whether to physically visit the space or not. It also helps them remember spaces after they have visited. Being able to direct your potential client to an accurate, interactive virtual tour after they have visited the space (just to remind them how wonderful your space is) is a great way to help them make their decision.

5. Help attract young and tech-focused co-workers

Whilst most co-working spaces welcome co-workers of all demographics, virtual tours are a very effective tool for attracting younger and more tech-focused clientele in particular. Customers aged 18 to 34 are 130% more likely to book a place if there is a virtual tour*. Building a tech-forward focus on your brand means ensuring you are up to date on the latest advancements in tech, which now plays a crucial role in keeping businesses competitive.

*Statistic by:

co-working space virtual tour
Co-working spaces are are often attractive to younger tech-focused clients

6. Filter through to higher-qualified leads

Virtual tours are effective filters which separate potential customers who are genuinely interested from those who aren't as committed. Potential customers who book real-life viewings would have most likely already explored the space in detail through the virtual tour. They have then decided to also view it in real. This makes the likelihood they will convert to a customer far higher. Virtual tours eliminate unqualified leads and the time and energy they take up, making the real-life viewings far more qualified.

7. Build trust and provide transparency for your potential co-workers

By showcasing your co-working space online through a virtual tour, you're giving visitors on your page the chance to explore the space openly and freely. Potential co-workers can use the tour to make better decisions about whether the space is a good fit for their needs, in their own space and time. Providing a transparent experience of what customers can expect will establish trust in your business.

8. Create a return on investment

When a business makes a marketing investment, it needs to create a return, otherwise what is the point? Virtual tours are an excellent marketing tool, as they provide benefits like boosting search engine rankings and increasing engagement with your brand, all leading to improved chances of customer bookings. This coupled with reduced marketing expenses in the long run, will result in a fantastic return on your investment.

9. Gives your co-working space a platform to show-off

A virtual tour of your co-working space can give your workspace the airtime it deserves by allowing you to highlight its best and most unique features. Incorporating elements such as information tags throughout the tour emphasises the key features of the building and provides additional information to complement the viewing experience. If the space boasts a specific design or offers something distinctive from other co-working spaces, a virtual tour is a great way to show this off and stand out from the competition.

10. Future-proof your business

I can’t discuss the benefits of virtual tours for co-working spaces without bringing up the covid-19 lockdown. During the lockdown many businesses found themselves in a position where potential customers were unable to visit their physical space, resulting in reduced or halted bookings. Co-working spaces that already had a virtual tour were already one step ahead of the game. Having a 3D virtual tour on your website ensures that viewings of the co-working space can continue through any situation. If there is maintenance being carried out, or if part of the space is unavailable during a physical viewing, a virtual tour will ensure that your potential customers will always be able to see your space, 365 days a year.

Get in touch to market your co-working space with a 3D Virtual Tour.

We’re always looking for exciting new projects to get involved in, so why not get in touch to see how Copy and Space could help you generate new customer leads with a 3D virtual tour.

We don’t stop at the scanning and production of your 3D virtual tour; we also guide you to effectively use it to ensure you maximise the return on your investment and make the most of this powerful tool.


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